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The Origin of The Farm Ventures

The Farm Ventures was launched in 2017 with a simple premise that alums investing together can have a greater impact than investing individually.

Andre de Baubigny, Stanford GSB '95, Founder and Managing Partner of The Farm Ventures, knew the deep loyalties of his fellow alums to their alma mater. He also knew that there was a rich tradition of Stanford alums creating interesting and profitable businesses, fostered by the school's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through conversations with other thoughtful alums, he developed and refined his idea for a fund backed by alumni to invest in alumni-connected companies. Our community would be the source of both capital and deal, creating a system that would give back to investors, entrepreneurs, and the Stanford ecosystem. 

Our network of sister funds for alumni at other schools (through our parent company, Launch Angels) is rapidly growing. As our fund community expands, we increasingly share deal sources and deals, plus resources and learnings. 

To learn more about Launch Angels, watch our brief video:


Doing Good & Doing Well 

The Farm Venture's mission is to do well and do good for all the members of our community.

For investors, we offer easy access to a diverse venture portfolio where they back the companies of fellow alumni and co-invest alongside smart, professional VCs. We also provide them with other benefits: networking, learning, and giving back to the next generation of fellow alums.

We also offer investors the opportunity to participate in our Investor Pledge Program, which is a non-binding and good-intent pledge to donate some portion of their profits back to the school with an earmark for their program of choice. The amount, frequency, and program of the gift is entirely up to the investor and is optional and not legally binding.

For entrepreneurs, we provide money, connections, and resources. And for VCs, we reciprocate with deal referrals in their areas of interest.

Growing the Community

We believe in the loyalty, commitment, and entrepreneurialism of the Stanford community. We look to them for support as investors, Ambassadors (deal scouts and consultants), and entrepreneurs.

From the beginning, we have actively identified and recruited supporters to help us build a robust, diverse community that demonstrates we can indeed do better investing together than we can alone. Our community is already nearly 5,000 supporters strong.