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Our Ambassadors are the eyes and the ears of The Farm Ventures, and in turn The Farm Ventures is also the eyes and ears for our Ambassadors. We have informal conversations a few times per year with our Ambassadors and exchange information on what kind of deal flow we are seeing. We provide structured access to the entrepeneur, executive, and investor network we have built around The Farm Ventures and our sister funds at Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Penn, Northwestern, the University of Wisconsin, and Berkeley. While many Ambassadors will have a Stanford connection, it is not a requirement.

Fill out the form below and a member of our deal team will be in touch to set up a call to get acquainted. 

Access to Our Network

  • Our community of over 9,000 supporters includes alumni who are investors in our funds, VCs, executives, entrepreneurs, and general innovation enthusiasts.
  • Our rolodex is your rolodex.
  • Use our Call to the Network to publicize your requests for resources, introductions, etc.

We See a Lot of Deal Flow

  • The Farm Ventures is one of many alumni venture funds, all managed by Launch Angels
  • We also work closely with the deal teams leading the funds in our Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, Dartmouth, Wisconsin, Berkeley, and MIT ecosystems. We have plans to launch more funds in the coming months and years.
  • Collectively, we're looking at several hundred deals per month in all industries.

We Are Exclusively Co-Investors

  • We are a fund, not a group. We invest in 15-25 companies / year in each of our annual funds.
  • We co-invest with top-tier VC and PE lead investors. We don't lead rounds, negotiate terms, or take Board Seats.
  • We are stage, industry, and geography agnostic.
  • Checks from $100k - $500k, with opportunity for more up to $2M with our Co-Investment Program.