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Low Friction. Large Rolodex. Flexible Check Size.

We have our own unique perspective on how we invest in entrepreneurs and how we continue to work with our portfolio companies over time. We invest in all stages, all industries, and all geographies. We exclusively co-invest with top-tier lead VC and PE investors. We do not lead rounds, set valuations, or take Board seats. We offer efficient access to capital and also bring a powerful alumni network to the table (nearly 9,000 supporters in our community). Our rolodex is your rolodex.

Please fill out the form below if you are an entrepreneur interested in connecting with our deal team.

Efficient Access to Capital

  • We are a fund—not a group. We make a decision and write a check in less than one month. 
  • We agree to the same valuation, terms, and structure as your lead investor. We don't take Board Seats.
  • We are stage, industry, and geography agnostic.
  • Checks from $100k - $500k, with opportunity for more up to $2M with our Co-Investment Program.

Organized Access to the Alumni Network

  • Our community includes a deep network of VCs, executives, other entrepreneurs, and general innovation enthusiasts.
  • Use our Call to the Network to publicize your requests for resources, introductions, etc. 

Other Helpful Publicity & Resources

  • Good brand to be associated with.
  • Exposure/PR/social bump through newsletters, Twitter, etc.
  • Free services for you: Resource Connector, Founder Pledge.

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